coconut pancake~~,

1524785_614960338580288_1363041822_ncoconut pancake~~,

This `lempeng kelapa` is best served with spicy anchovies,or any spicy gravy or curry. Traditionally,the pancake is served on banana leaves,as it gives away a pleasing aroma that you just can’t stop at one serve!



Totally spice…!

Totally spice...!

The specialty from Negeri Sembilan is the “masak lemak cili padi”, which is a spicy rich yellow coconut gravy that is cooked with bird’s eyes chillies.

“Kangkung masak sambal belacan” is one of my favorite local veggie dishes. It’s quite easy to whip up this dish at home. The spicy chillies paste is so addicting with white rice.

Roti Canai : Seriously yummy!


This flatbed ‘Roti’ usually found in every Mamak restaurants, Singaporean called it Roti Prata while in India it known with Kerala Porrota. Regardless its name, roti canai is really delicious, plus with gravy, the curry one. The special of roti canai is, you can ‘customise’ it i mean you can put banana, onion even sardine.

Many kinds of roti canai, some of them are called ‘roti tisu’ due to its really really really tall even taller than your average smartphone. It is cone shape, just like Merlin’s the Wizard hat, what can we say is Roti Tisu is Roti Canai on STEROID!

Mamak Roti Tisu

Dont believe in us? See it for yourself!

Teh Tarik Everyone?

Teh Tarik or Pulled Tea whatever the name it called but this milky tea has gained it popularity among Malaysian years ago. This Drink is consider National Drink of Malaysia paired with Nasi Lemak. Some people are questioning why its call Teh Tarik? Well, Tarik means pulls, the process begin when you ‘pull’ the 2 glasses in order to ‘cool down’ the boiling tea. Tea + milk equals tea but when Tea + milk + pull equals Teh Tarik! Interesting enough!

Home victory for TRW

Kelantan’s striker Shakir Ali scored the last minute goal in Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium in Kota Bharu last night, he scored a terrific goal to beat sabah 2-1 in FA Cup. Meanwhile Egypt-born Mohammad Shawky opening goal scored at minute 45 due to Sabah’s goalkeeper Mohd Farizul Iman Malan failed to stop the ball.

Kelantan new coach Steve Darby believes that his team will go further and need some improvement over the tactical plan in order to win the FA Cup this season.  People are arguing the tactical used last night , the 3-5-2 isnt work at all, most of them are condemning the new coach over his suicide plan.

Kelantan Captain’s Badri Razi needs to hard work, a long ball from Muhammad Ghaddar won’t work during the game, the coach need to rework his team in order to win the FA Cup. Meanwhile the President of KAFA on his Facebook says if the team playing with the tactical it will be disastrous for Kelantan.

kafa8,580 people are agreed with Tan Sri Anuar Musa talking about ‘bad game’.

Rob, rape: Beware of death cab

KUALA LUMPUR: Cab passengers especially women should be aware and take safety precautions of choosing taxi as they are more prone to become a crime victim by cab drivers.

“People better avoid tinted mirrored taxi, because in the event of mishap, people at the outside certainly cannot see what’s going on in the taxi,” said Corporal Ahmad Nizam Alimin, Kuala Lumpur.

Corp. Nizam added that consumers should avoid taking a taxi that already has passenger which feared if other passengers are accomplice with driver.

“People should be more careful in term of choosing taxi to ensure they display a driver card and vehicle registration number,’’ said Corporal Ahmad Nizam Alimin.

“In this issue, cab drivers need to cooperate in term of providing information to the authorities,” said one of the cab passengers, Nur Fitri Adrina Mazman, 20.

She added that women should take an initiative to learn self-defense art and bring a pepper spray as a protection mechanism for themselves.

“Women should not wear a revealing dress or shows their jewelry and moneys to the cab driver in term of rob prevention,” said Adrina.

A cab driver Ahmad Basri Abdul Rahman, 45, claims that they should bring a companion if possible when taking a cab as a safety precaution.

He said that women should aware of weird behavior showed by the driver and quickly contacts their family or close friend to tell the nearest places.

“Passenger should planned and know well their journey so they cannot be cheated and have a time to make a call or asking for help,’’ he claimed.

“There is a need to be tougher penalties for drivers who don’t stick to the rules to make it safer for passengers,’’ Basri conclude.